An Update on the Latest Arrest


Name: Mohammed Salih Al-Zumur

Emirate: Sharjah

Time/date: 9 pm/5th of December 2012

He was a student in the Media College, but did not continue. 

His father is Salem Al-Zumur, a well know poet in UAE. And his mother is the sister of Khalid Al-Shaibah Al-Nujami (one of the 63 detainees from Ajman). His mother’s account on twitter is: @Amee1970

He was arrested on the street along with a friend of his. They too all of their devices (phones, iPads… etc). They dropped his friend at his home, and then went to Mohammed’s house, presented to his family the arrest and search warrant (no reason written, it only says “matter of state security”). His house was searched for about an hour, electronic devices were taken (a laptop). One of the security individuals showed his ID quickly without revealing the photo on the ID (he placed his finger on it), they were wearing civilian clothing.

He was taken to unknown place. As previously figured, this means to the state security unknown place.

This arrest comes after series of actions that the authorities took such as suspending bank accounts of the detainees and their wives’/sons’/daughters’ and other family members (brothers/sisters), interrogating on fabricated charges, travel bans, and now this new arrest of this young man.


This bring the total number of detainees to 64 detainees.

  1. كمال ممدوح فهمي
    5 فبراير 2014 عند 11:47 ص

    كمال ممدوح فهمي –
    عريضة من اجل ايقاف انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان في دولة الإمارات العربية فبراير 2014
    يقبع في سجن الوثبة المركزي بابوظبي عاصمة دولة الامارات هولاءالسجناء وغيرهم من السجناء لاكثر من خمس
    سنوات في ظل قضاء اماراتي لايعمل وفق القانون والدستور المؤقت في دولة الامارات ، بل قضاء يعمل وفق اهواء ورغبات وتعليمات شيوخ الامارة ومن هولاء السجناء مهدي بحرالعلوم – عراقي و مشعل الحماطي – يمني وعادل توفيق الحسين – فلسطيني و سامرعياش – أردني و علي عواد الدباس – أردني و يعقوب الحمادي – اماراتي بدون و خليل رمضان اماراتي بدون ، وغيرهم من السجناء المنسيين في سجون أبوظبي الذين امضوا سنوات طويلة في السجن تنفيدا
    لعقوبات قضاة في محاكم أبوظبي لايعملون وفق القانون بل يعملون حسب تعليمات شيوخ الامارة و لا أحد يعرف متى يطلق سراح هولاء السجناء المنسيين .
    Inside the Prison of Al Wathba Central in Abu Dhabi , capital of the United Arab Emirates seven and other prisoners for more than five years under spend Emirates does not function according to the law and the interim constitution in the UAE , but spend operates according to the whims and wishes and instructions of the elders of the Emirate and these prisoners are Mahdi Bhr alalom – Iraqi and Meshaal Hamati – Yemeni and Adel Tawfik Al Hussein – Palestinian and Samer Ayaash – Jordanian and Ali Awad al Dabbas – Jordanian and Jacob Hammadi – Emirates without and Khalil Ramadan Emirates without , and other forgotten prisoners in the prisons of Abu Dhabi, who spent long years in prison Tida sanctions judges in the courts of Abu Dhabi for not working according to the law but working as instructed by the elders of the Emirate and no one knows the forgotten prisoners will be released .

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