The Federal Court of Appeal in Abu Dhabi is supposed to deliver its verdict tomorrow (21st November) morning on the case of the UAE7 (The 7 UAE citizens whom citizenship have been revoked). This case was raised on behalf of UAE7 by Dr. Mohamed Al-Roken, who is currently in detention as part of 63 UAE activists that are held by the State Security in unknown place.

Additionally, a group of the families of UAE 63 detainees plan to be in front of the Supreme Court tomorrow (21st November) at about 9 am to demand the release of the detainees or allow visitation and other legal rights. Visitation was opened for about 3 days, but for some unknown reason, the State Security Prosecutor informed the families today that visitation is closed again. Some families who drove from northern Emirates, based on a call from the state security prosecutor, informing them to come there to see their detainees, were told when they arrived at the state security prosecution office that the preplanned visits are now canceled without giving any reason (see photos).

On the same date as well, tomorrow, the UN Watch member States will vote on the candidacy of several countries membership for the Human Right Council. UAE is among those candidates, but it could not get a positive score in the evaluation against the criteria and was disqualified due to poor record in Human Rights. Uae1uae2

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